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Rida valve is driven by scientific and technological innovation to create forged steel ball valve, which is favored by the market

Rida Valve Co., Ltd. is dominated by the design and production of ball valves and driven by scientific and technological innovation. It has a standardized production base and has many advantages in ball valve manufacturing and machining. In the past two years, he has great attainments in the heat treatment and assembly of valves. With a variety of CNC machining centers, he can realize traceless inspection, traceless production, and complete processing, inspection and testing equipment.

Innovation is the first driving force leading the development of the industry. Rida valve is committed to the R & D of ball valve series products and has taken a solid step in the innovative R & D of intelligent and automatic ball valves.

With the business philosophy of "science and technology as the driving force and quality after-sales as the guarantee", the company strives for excellence in all ex factory products according to the acceptance of materials, precision manufacturing, quality inspection and delivery of finished products.

Forged steel ball valve plays an important role in the control of various pipeline fluids. The accuracy and efficiency of its own control also directly affect the value of practical application. Therefore, high-quality forged steel ball valve plays a more unique role in specific fields. In the process of long-term technical application and installation selection, this high-quality and innovative forged steel ball valve has also been favored by the market.


Focus on research and development to achieve more stable security technology

As we all know, the application of industrial system will produce a series of dangerous phenomena, which can not be used in gas environment. The application rate of forged steel ball valve in industrial field is very high. At present, the actual control ability of the forged steel ball valve used in the market with gas and liquid as the medium is continuously enhanced, and more professional technology is used to make the application more safe, safe and stable, so as to effectively improve the use effect of the forged steel ball valve.

Meet the requirements of small and micro flow and gas control

In the industrial field, any gas leakage and small and micro flow are dangerous problems that can not be ignored, and the forged steel ball valve can effectively improve its control effect. During the movement of a series of gases and small flow fluids, high-quality ball valves can be used for control. Therefore, under the current application of this high-quality forged steel ball valve, the safety of a series of small flow fluids has been better maintained. Similarly, we can also rely on professional and stable technology to avoid the leakage of dangerous gases, and the work safety in the industrial field has been more comprehensively guaranteed.

In short, forged steel ball valve has unique performance and stable working capacity, and can withstand higher working pressure during operation. When in use, the operation is stable and reliable. At the same time, subsequent maintenance and repair can be more convenient. Therefore, the application rate of this reliable valve in the construction of its pipeline system has increased sharply, which constitutes the accurate innovation of the construction and control of the pipeline system and realizes the cross cutting application in various fields.