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  • 01.  Should I pressure test the pipeline system following the installation of Push-Fit fttings?

    Yes. As with all types of plumbing fittings, new installations of Push-

    Fit fttings should be checked to ensure proper connection and

    performance一test with water or air on completion and before covering

    the pipe. The system should be installed, pressurized and held under

    pressure for a period determined by your local and applicable plumbing


  • 02.  Dol stil haveto fush the Push Fit piping system withwater?

    Yes, but the pipeline will be cleaner and flush easier and faster since

    there's no solder and or flux.

  • 03.  Do I need to lubricate the tube or ftting before installing?

    No, the O-ring seals in Ailun Push-Fit fttings are pre-lubricated with

    certifed lubricant during manufacturing, and hence no additional

    lubricant need to be applied. If it is necessary to lubricate the seals in the

    fneld, use water. Do not use other grease/lubricants; in particular, don't

    use any petroleum based lubricants since they're incompatible with

    EPDM rubber.