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The rotary ball valve market is favorable, and Rida valve takes the lead in scientific and technological innovation

Rida Valve Co., Ltd. is a manufacturing enterprise providing customers with a full range of ball valve solutions, specializing in the production, R & D and sales of rotary ball valves. We have professional engineers and technicians to ensure that the product quality meets the standards, and have a professional sales service system to provide customers with satisfactory products and after-sales service.

The rotary ball valve plays an important role in the industrial field all over the country and even all over the world. According to different structures and application fields, it can be divided into two-way hard sealing rotary ball valve, two-way flow hard impact rotary ball valve, welded rotary ball valve, large-diameter extension rod rotary ball valve, etc. the domestic market share has increased steadily. At present, world-famous steel, metallurgy, automobile, aircraft and other enterprises adopt Chinese products in batches, and have become high-quality product suppliers for Boeing, Navy, air force, communication and other enterprises.

Wide range of applications

Rida Valve Co., Ltd. has established a professional and modern industrial development model focusing on the leading products of rotary ball valves and supporting related products. In practice, we always adhere to the business purpose of "everything is user-centered", and the business philosophy of taking quality as the foundation, reputation as the cornerstone of survival and service as the backing. The company has introduced advanced production technology and equipment. At present, it has formed a high-quality development system. With the cooperation of high-quality engineering and technical talents, it has strong hard strength, especially in the innovation of products and the scientific and technological content of products.

Technology is full of talents

At present, "Rida" ball valve has been recognized by the standardization organization. After years of development, the overseas market also has a certain brand effect, and the future market breakthrough "has great prospects".


According to the development experience of export business in Rida valve industry, the export trend of products with medium and high technical content, mass production and certain brands is generally good. Some researchers predict that the export growth rate of leading products will average about 20% in the next three years.

In addition, the forward-looking talent strategy provides a strong guarantee for the realization of the company's goal of becoming stronger and bigger. The accumulation of human resources in development is a valuable experience explored over the years. Early ball valve enterprises began to accumulate computer talents when they focused on manufacturing. When the industry was committed to it computer design, they began to enter the field of embedded software and accumulate talents in this field; While other enterprises are committed to the application of computer development products, Rida began to accumulate AI talents. The introduction of forward-looking talents has continuously improved the knowledge structure of the talent team, trained a number of scientific and technological backbone in the field of rotary ball valve, and formed a strong innovative talent team combining machinery and AI technology.

Rida valve has always adhered to "adapt to and meet the market", adhered to the enterprise philosophy of "quality first and integrity-based", carried forward the enterprise spirit of "unity, enterprising, innovation and pragmatism", and provided important product and technical support for the valve industry market.